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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Chop, chop, chop.

Another score at my weekly home game! With eight players this week the play was very rock-esk for the first three levels and as players began to drop I found myself winning a small pot here and there to stay alive, but since we were only paying the top two spots, third was the same money as eighth so I carefully looked for a place to make a move.

I was able to take advantage of some lucky play of The Guy Catching Cards Out Of His Ass, who had already eliminated two playes, when he called the all-in play by the next to smallest stack. Under the gun moved all-in with KQs and was called by TGCCOOHA who was holding a pair of ducks. Behind him was the short stack who called to triple up with AQ. The board missed everyone and I was in the top three.

Down to the top three I was able to take advantage of my table image as a solid player winning a huge pot with KQs. I made a big raise pre-flop which was called by TGCCOOHA and then moved all-in without even looking at the board after the flop. Actually I was looking at the board out of my peripheral vision, but TGCCOOHA was looking at me during the flop, looking for weakness and I showed nary a bit. He folded without even thinking about it and I was able to coast into the top two.

The Chop:

This has become a very friendly game with a lot of camaraderie and a few guys that drift in and out donating money to the cause. I’ve made it to the top two twice lately and chopped the winnings, once 50/50 and last night about 60/40 as I was behind in the chip count.

There are some players who never chop and if this was some prestigious tournament with a huge payout……nah…. I love to win but making it to the top two or three is a win as far as I’m concerned especially when you consider the fact that rising blinds eventually make it a coin toss anyway and in this case I really didn’t want to be tossing a coin with TGCCOOHA I don’t mind taking the guaranteed money. Also, moving on to the limit portion of the evening is as important as the tournament.

I have now officially made enough money playing poker to pay for my Vegas trip. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite, “Sweet!”

I won’t be chopping in Vegas. Winning the blogger’s tournament and becoming a paragraph in blogs all over the web will be my 15 minutes of fame!


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