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Monday, April 11, 2005

Negative value

The dog track in Dayton has a genius on the payroll. Whoever he (or she) is has devised more than one way to make A LOT of money in a room where the biggest bet possible is $2.

First, the tournaments: Twelve people at the table, $45 to play with $17 going to the house. That’s $204 for every game! They pay only the top three and so you can only make 4 times your money if you finish in first place.

Second, seven-card stud: Seven-card stud played seven handed, a fifty-cent anti with every hand and the bring-in pays a dollar and the house takes a rake of 10 percent. The average hand wins less than $20, so with the rake, dealer tip, anti, and occasional bring-in bet, you would have to catch some amazing cards just to win a small amount of money.

Third, Daytona Hold Em: Played 10 handed with a $2 dollar anti (house rake again 10 percent). Every pot is raised and re-raised until it’s capped so EVERYONE sees the flop and trash wins over good poker play. I saw huge pots won when a 52o caught runner, runner to make a 7 high straight, and I personally won more than $150 with back-to-back hands of 74s (made a full house) and 89o (two pair).

You might as well play the slot machines as play this game! There is no hand in poker that is a big favorite against 8 or 9 other random hands that stay in to the river.


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