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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Keep raising baby!

Florida trip report, day one:

Since I'm such a great dad I took my son and two of his buddies to Daytona for spring break and during the heat of the day while they are cooking their brains, I took off to play poker.

The big bet at the Daytona dog track poker room is $2 which makes the games pretty loose and so good play is a must, but you are often also given appropriate pot odds to chase the good draws with 8-9 players seeing almost every flop. Last year I won about $75 over four days of play and I was anxious to get a good start and try to exceed that mark this year.

I think I'll make it.

Within five minutes of sitting down at the table a VERY aggressive player sat down to my immediate left and started raising almost every pot, winning infrequently, except when all folded to his constant betting. To make things more interesting he had a loud mouth making at least three older players at the table start gunning to beat him.

When this fun was reaching a peak, he raised blind out of the small blind and got SIX callers. I look down to see KK on the button and think "lets see what happens" as I raise. He re-raised and ALL SIX callers stay in making the pot $64 already, 32 big bets!

The flop was K22, giving me the nuts unless someone was holding two ducks.

It was checked around to me which made it obvious nobody held 22 because betting the betting doesn't increase in limits so there is no need to slow play and I bet out hoping that somebody had a piece of it. Everyone folded except for one calling station with a 2 who called it down and paid to see the kings.

The rest of the day I played good cards, hit a few flops, missed more, and ended up $65.

Day two to come...


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