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playing poker and teaching science: Two dollars at a time
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Friday, April 01, 2005

Two dollars at a time

I am off to the land of the two dollar bet!

Side note: The two best things about being a teacher are June and July. Closely following on the list of reasons why teaching is a great gig is the fact that I get 80 days off in a row WITH PAY during the summer and a ton of other holidays off throughout the year. There are only a few short years in my entire life when I did not have the ability to enjoy spring break and I’ve blocked those years from my memory.

Unless things have changed in the last year, the state of Florida has a bizarre law that limits the amount of a bet at a poker table to $2 on the mainland. Last year I took my son and a buddy of his to South Daytona Beach for spring break and we are off after school today for a return trip.

The Daytona dog racing track has a poker room that is neat, clean, well managed, and smoke free. When I walked in last year I was surprised to find that the highest limits they spread in Hold Em was $1/$2 and that there was even a $.25/$.50 table, actually three of them. The lowest limits were filled with geriatric gamblers who seemed to be having a great time.

I sat down with my “A” game four days in a row from 10 to 2, while the sun was at its hottest, and won about $75 from some of the weakest players I have ever played against. At one point I held a full house, aces over queens, and was being BET INTO by a man with a pair of fours. There is not a lot of money to be made, but I get to experience live play, which is always fun.

I’ll keep you posted from the Sunshine State.



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