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playing poker and teaching science: Drinking beer and telling lies
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Drinking beer and telling lies

There is no better way to end a sports season than to travel to the playoffs, right? That’s what I am doing for the next four days. I’m off at the end of school today, 3 o’clock for all you working stiffs who don’t punch out until five or six, and heading for St. Louis for a front row seat as the tourney begins.

Basketball? That’s that other sport going on during wrestling season. I’m talking about the NCAA Division I wrestling nationals. DI wrestlers are some of the hardest working, best conditioned athletes in the world and they will be going head to head for three action packed days. The finals will air on ESPN at 5 o’clock Saturday.

I’ll also be playing a little poker. My plans to build my bankroll prior to the blogger’s tournament in Las Vegas have been sidetracked the last two weeks with the addition of a new love interest in my life. Without going into too much in the way of personal information, let’s just say she as cute as a bug’s ear and leave it at that. = )

The hotel we’ll be staying at is just a short walk to the riverboat on the St. Louis side of the great Mississippi River. As I recall from last year’s trip, it’s small, cramped, and filled with people who look like they just cashed their welfare check. I’m hoping to get back some of my tax dollars in their dingy little poker room.

Report to follow.

Thanks for reading.


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