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playing poker and teaching science: Playing for fun….and money
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Monday, February 28, 2005

Playing for fun….and money

I love to play poker.

The fact remains however that poker can be a little boring at times if you want to make money. The answer for me is the micro-limit tables. The maximum buy-in is only $2 on UltimateBet so how much can you lose? I can play a lot of hands and not risk my bankroll. I wish I had thought of that during my Benadryl losses.

While waiting for a SNG to start I jumped into the $.01/$.02 Pot Limit Omaha hi/lo to play for fun. But was it JUST for fun? I limped in with A235. The flop brought K45, two spades. The big blind bets the pot, and one other player calls ahead of me and I call with the nut low draw and enough dead money to give me odds to call.

The turn is an 8 for a board of K458 and I now have the nut low that cannot be counterfeited. UTG bets the pot and with a caller ahead of me I figure I will be quartering the pot. The river is a 2 of spades so I know I’ve lost the high even though I’ve made a wheel for the low. UTG bets the pot, caller calls, I call. The pot is now more that $7.50 at a $.01/$.02 table.

Scoop! I have A2345 for the low and NOBODY HAS A FLUSH for the high???? What were they calling with?

I’m up $5.50 in about 10 minutes at a micro-limit table. That's 250 big bets for an average of 1500 big bets per hour.....if I was palying $20/$40 I'd be up $60,000!!!

I love to play poker.

Thanks for reading.


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Strange day or what? :-)

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