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playing poker and teaching science: Consistant play and Crazy Pineapple
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Monday, February 07, 2005

Consistant play and Crazy Pineapple

I’m finding that I have two types of play at the poker tables. Tight and selectively aggressive most of the time with solid play that results in a steady growth rate in my online bankroll, which I’m going to start making note in this blog just to keep myself honest.

And then there is the free money play, fast and loose.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe the free money play ($50 from PartyPoker and $10 from RoyalVegas) allows me to get all the maniac play out of my system to make way for solid play the rest of the time. Maybe I’m just being stupid throwing the free money away. Actually I haven’t thrown it away, but the free money accounts seem to have a lot of ups and downs while slowly moving downward.

It’s a quandary, but I’m having fun and maybe I’ll find that one loose play that will make money for me in the long run. Ever the optimist = )

I have been two-tabling it a little when I’ve had time to play and with solid play have had good results. My two tables yesterday were Crazy Pineapple 8b on Ultimate bet while also playing Omaha 8b on PokerStars.

At almost the same time I am dealt QQx in CP8b and AA2x in O8b. In the CP game I flopped a set that turned into a full house when the board paired 4’s and also put three clubs on board so every time I bet I was raised and re-raised and took down a pot of more than 10 big bets. The other player in the hand said, “Arge! I didn’t even thing of that, nice hand.” I like to play with polite players.

My Omaha hand turned into a wheel on the turn with a better and raiser in front of me. I have no idea what they were betting, but I cooped a very nice pot and left that session up about seven big bets.

Crazy Pineapple is always just that, crazy. I limped in one one hand in the small blind with A5x suited. The flop brought J87 rainbow (checked around), turn J (bet, call, call, and I make a loose call also). I’m not really happy about this call but I’m thinking maybe I’ll make a low, but I’m not even drawing to the nut low so it was not a very smart call. From my reading on Ohama, T.J. Cloutier states that when you are drawing to make sure you ONLY draw to the nuts. It stinks to hit your card and still lose! The river is a 2 and there is a bet and two callers in front of me. At this point there are more than eight big bets I the pot and if I do have the best hand for the low I am getting 4-1 for the money and since I called on the turn hoping to make a low I guess I should call once I’ve made it. So I call.

The hands are turned over and I’m quickly scanning to see who has a better low, when THE ENTIRE POT slides over to me! I have A2578 for the low and ACE HIGH for the high and I won the high and the low. What were the other people playing???!!!???

That’s why it’s CRAZY Pineapple!

Thanks for reading.


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