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playing poker and teaching science: Battling back and a live tourney.
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Battling back and a live tourney.

I took the free $50 that Party Poker gave me and effectively squandered it away playing WAY too loose in a higher level Omaha 8 than I usually play. It was a case of catching a few great hands and then thinking that the poker gods were smiling favorably on me and would allow me to double up in just one night.

I now return to the mindset that math is the poetry of poker and as such will be the factor on which I rely in the future.

So with that in mind I took my $7 to a $5 sit-and-go (yes, I was down $43 at that point) and played my A game to finish second to climb up to $16. Then I took my fishing pole and my entire $16 “bankroll,” if you can call $16 a bankroll, to the $25 NLHE 6-max table and patiently waited for the fish to swim by.

I tried to pick a table where the play was fairly conservative and where nobody had a huge amount of money so I could win it back a little at a time without risking my whole stack, and that worked pretty well until a super aggressive player (SAP) at down with only $12 one place to my left. He chipped me down a little before calling my all-in while I was holding AA. The only problem was that HE had AA also. Rats!

It all paid off however when I was at about 18$ and limped in behind him with J10o. The flop brought 69Q and I called a $1 bet with the open-ended straight draw. The turn was a king and I called another $1 bet. Then the river was an ace, without a flush draw on the board. SAP bet $2 into me and I slowly raised another $7 thinking he might fold to an all-in. Sap went into the tank and thought it over. I usually don’t do this, and I honestly don’t know if it helped, but I typed “fold” into the chat. He called and I won a nice little pot.

My free $50 is now back up to $31.

Saturday my wrestling team won our conference tourney and my son finished second. Neither was supposed to happen so those were fantastic results.

Saturday evening I played at a $50 home tourney with 17 players and bubbled out in 5th place. Once the blinds got to $300/$600 I called the all-in of a short stack with A9d and felt pretty good when he turned over A4 unsuited and the flop gave me two pair. The turn and river both brought a 4 and his full house hit my stack pretty hard. I stole a few blinds playing a little more aggressively, but bubbled out when I only had two times the big blind and my A9 did not improve against AQ.

Over all however I think I played very well and took a lot of money off a young, aggressive college student when I got a great read on him that he would raise a low card flop with over cards. I took money from him four times by re-raising with what I am sure were inferior cards and one other time by check-raising my QQ.

Thanks for reading.


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