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Monday, January 17, 2005

In the bonus round

Sometimes things just go your way. After a long Saturday of wrestling where my team and my son both went 4-1, I was able to sit down for a little poker Sunday morning. I signed up for a $5, three-table MTT on Empire. While I was waiting for the tables to fill I jumped into a $.50/$1 Omaha 8 game and was up nine big bets in the 15 minutes it took to get the game started so I was playing the tourney as a freeroll of sorts. When the NLHE game began I played tight for the first few levels and then caught an inside straight in the big blind to make it to the final table with an average stack of chips. During that time all my big hands held up and I had the best of it any time I was all-in.

Side note: I still hate JJ, even though they held up all three times I received them. Also, there are a lot of players who don’t consider the fact that the players in the blinds could have ANY two random cards in an unraised pot and that top pair top kicker may not be the best hand when the big blind comes back over the top. Beware the blinds!

At the final table the shortest stack went out on the very first hand so we were down to nine with the top five making the money. The chip leader was two places to my left putting him in the big blind every time I was on the button so I made sure I had a monster if I was considering going all-in.

I became the chip leader for a while when my QQ held up against 99 and that helped propel me to the top five. The blinds were getting really huge at that point so I knew I would have to push a little to have a chance at winning because the chip leader, still two places to my left, had a monster stack. Therefore, I went all-in with KQ suited on the button with only one limper, and got called down by the chip leader holding KK. Naturally I didn’t catch running queens or my suits and went out in fifth, making $10 for my time.

My run playing Crazy Pineapple and CP8 took a minor setback when I chased a few too many draws while playing tired and sleepy, but I’m back in the black ever since that time. Again, the poor play in this game is amazing. But then, I was Mr. Poor play for a few hands so the pot will stay mute in regards to the kettle's play :-)

Also, I opened up my PartyPoker account that has carried only a one dollar balance for a very long time and found they gave me a $50 bonus! I’ve had that $50 at the $1/$2 Omaha 8 table for the last hour and am down $3 because I chased a hand out of the small blind that was so poor that I can’t bring myself to repeat it here.

I wasn't going to jump up a level in O8b until I made a little money at the lower levels, but when you can take a shot for free, why not?

Thanks for reading.


Blogger Kim said...

I've had a whole week of making really stupid bets. Cash account is down four dollars and I'm not a happy camper. Not sure what to adjust or where to go from here other than take a break for a few more days... Love your stories, keep writing!

1:49 PM  

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