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playing poker and teaching science: Riding on the Omaha (8/B) railroad
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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Riding on the Omaha (8/B) railroad

I’m continuing my Omaha 8/b play and had a very nice session last night playing for about three hours and finishing up a whopping 10.6 big bets per hour of play. I was playing on Empire Poker and Pokerstars, one table each, at the same time and I had a larger return per hour on Empire.

The play on Empire is almost silly at times. At one point I flopped a ten-high straight flush and got called down all the way by two people chasing a low that never came. Then, two hands later, I am dealt 88xx in the big blind and get to play for free and decide to stay in when an 8 comes on the flop. I call one bet and then get the case 8 (I love poker terminology) on the turn and check raise with THREE callers and bet out on the river to take down a monster pot.

There are multiple schools of thought on O8b, but I usually bet out the nut hand. On Empire (Party Poker) you will always get multiple callers hoping to catch the second best low, and on Pokerstars, they may all just fold. Pokerstars is a lot tighter play.

Two things I have learned in the past week that should help my online play:

In Omaha 8/b, if a caller bets out on the river, he probably caught some miracle card that he was chasing or he’s a moron that doesn’t understand quarter pots. Tread lightly.
Don’t try to bluff in the $25 NL hold em games. There are too many calling stations. Just play it cool and reel in the fish. I pushed all in with JJ and got called for $17 by K10 unsuited, but lost too much trying to bluff a calling station that stayed in with pocket 10’s with three overcards on the board.

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Blogger Kim said...

After reading your posts on Omaha, I decided to enter a couple of WSOP Omaha hi/lo prequalifiers... Finished 47 out of 1500 in the first and 61/1500 in the second. I'm finding the players a little easier to read the other players hands and also how to spot the inexperienced players here. Keep up the great posts. Still haven't tried Empire, but have totally given up my cash accounts at Poker Stars and Party Poker. Absolute Poker is pretty good right now :)

10:09 AM  

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