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playing poker and teaching science: SNG success
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Thursday, December 23, 2004

SNG success

I’ve had a nice little run in SNG’s lately placing in four in a row and just finishing second place in the latest, but I don’t know if it’s stellar play on my part or just poor play by my opponents.

For example: I am the chip leader having doubled up catching a 10 to make a set and cracking pocket aces, so I limp in from the small blind with a J3 suited. The flop brings J54, two clubs. I bet the jack high and get two callers. Now I’m thinking I’m out kicked but I continue to bet out when a 5 pairs the board hoping the TWO callers will fold. But they both call again. A deuce comes on the river and I think I have to be beat when BOTH players call me again.

But I win with JJ55 and the board 4.

What were they calling with??? I can understand calling with the club draw, but at best you are ace high (or a pair of 4’s?) and have called three bets by the chip leader.

Go figure. It’s lousy play, but that puts money in my pocket.

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