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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Swoop and scoop!

Last night was an up and down night. First I played some low limit hold em and ended up about 8 big bets in an hour or so of solid play and then switched to no limit and got sucked out on premiun hands time and time again, finally losing almost all my buy-in when a rivered flush squashed my king high straight. Varience: it's the price of playing.

Then I switched to my most consistant money making game, Omaha 8/b just before turning in for the night. My VERY FIRST HAND was AA23 with one nut flush draw. I raised the BB and the betting was re-raised twice before the flop. The flob brought 4K5, two diamonds, capped betting, the turn bring an 8 and the betting is capped again putting one player all-in. The river was another 5, but no more diamonds. I bet, get raised and call thinking I'm going to quarter the low when the flush draw folds. The caller has KK44, the all-in player has quad 5's but neither has a low! So the all-in guy gets a portion of the hi, I get the rest AND the low!

It wasn't a total scoop, but it shows the importance of having enough chips at the table. The quad guy missed about six big bets by being underfunded when he hit his hand. Play and learn.

I won a couple more lows in the next few minutes and cashed out up about 14 big bets. Too bad I'm not playing 20-40! Winning $560 in 15 minutes would be great fun. = )


Blogger Kim said...

I am so glad you've started writing again! :)

While you were away, I played in a WSOP hold-em challenge (two levels down fighting for a seat in Vegas 2005). I came in 27 out of 1500. Not Annie Duke yet, but getting better. A week ago, I played in a WSOP omaha hi challenge (I just can't get the hang of hi/low yet)... and finished in the top 50 out of 1500 people. Tuesday night I played in another hold-em challenge, and came in 38/1500. I'm watching and learning and reading and adjusting things myself.

Anyway, I think what I'm trying to say is that you have a great blog and not enough people write about poker. Please keep writing and sharing your stories, wins and losses!

6:24 AM  

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