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playing poker and teaching science: I'm thinking....
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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm thinking....

One of the most entertaining things about teaching 8th grade science is the comments that kids make. For example, I've given the class an assignment to complete, and I look up a few minutes later to see a student turned Sideways in his seat, book closed, head in his hands. “Ted?” I asked. “What are you doing?” He looks up sleepily and replies, “I’m thinking.”

Interesting. It gives one pause. Maybe I need to think more when playing poker. Do you like the segue?

I’ve been involved in an on-going experiment with my poker playing. I will sit down at a $.50/$1 Omaha hi/lo game and will play it until I am up $6, and then take the money and enter a $5 Sit-and-go as a freeroll. It’s been a good system and I am continually in the black playing on the three sites that I currently frequent. My goal however has always been to be able to make some real (whatever that means) money playing poker and so that means I will have to eventually move up in levels.

I think my biggest obstacle remains the fact I don’t like to lose, especially when money is concerned. How do I overcome this obstacle?

I’m thinking….


Blogger Kim said...

You haven't written in to long... your cyber-fans are restless! Come back! Oh, and omaha hi/low just kills me! Omaha hi or no-limit hold em all the way baby!

12:34 PM  
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