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playing poker and teaching science: Trying a new game.
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Monday, January 10, 2005

Trying a new game.

Poker bloggers all know the ever entertaining Felicia Dyer. She's a poker professional who pulls no punches in her blog. She tells it like she sees it and you can take it or leave it. I enjoy reading her posts and respect her opinion on most matters.

She mentioned a game I had never played before called Pineapple and Pineapple hi/lo split and I gave each a try over the weekend. The hi/lo split is like any common split game with the low below eight and the lowest possible hand being a wheel (A-5). Other than the hi/lo option, which may or may not be played, the game is just like Texas Hold Em with the noted exception that you are dealt THREE down cards befoe the flop. Then, if you elect to stay and play the hand, you must discard one card AFTER the flop. As in HE you can play one card from your hand, two cards, or simply play the board.

It makes for some interesting play. In the high game you may be dealt AK8, flop an ace and discard the eight, only to have an eight come up on the turn! It makes you pull your hair out, but in reality the discarded eight was the right card to get rid of mathmatically.

Felicia's advice was to play tight and watch the fish pay you off and that that is exactly what happened. In four total hours of play in Pineapple (hi only) I am ahead approximately six big bets per hour and four BB per hour in Pineapple hi/lo.

I'd like to be a competent all-around poker player so I am anxious to play in a variety of games, but I also want to make money. In the case of Pineapple it seems like the math challenged poker players are at yet another disadvantage.

If you like Hold Em, give Pineapple a try. It was very entertaining. I will offer two caveats: 1. It is often confusing in the hi/lo game whether you should look for the high or the low. Felicia suggests looking for the high and that's how I was playing unless I had a premium low hand like A23, and 2. It is VERY easy to see possibilities in almost EVERY hand you are dealt so look for premium HE hands with another good connector card which could leave options for straights and flushes.

**The tournament I was supposed to play in this past weekend was postponed.

Thanks for reading.


Blogger Felicia :) said...

VERY awesome! I'm so glad you cashed in on this! Excellent write-up, as well. Then again, you are a teacher and all of that foo-foo stuff, lol.

I have another game for you, when there are no Pineapple games around. This one has an even higher CV, if it can be believed, but so far I've kept it under my hat. IM me at fzdyer when you are ready for it!

(at least someone is listening to me, seriously, I don't mind giving away secrets to serious players)

1:29 PM  

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