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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Tilt....more than just a new TV show

What is it about free money that makes me think I can play poor poker and get lucky? That’s exactly what I did with the free $50 that Party Poker gave me. Playing Omaha 8 ($1/$2) I made loose calls, chased flushes without a low, and lows without a high and then hit two big suck outs to take my free $50 down to $20.

The sad fact is that I was up about 5 big bets and playing solid poker, but I think I played too long and then tilted a little after my flush draw lost to a four outer on the river not once, but twice.

So I dropped down a level and continued to play poorly so I quit for the evening.

I took $5 of the money I had left to a one table SNG and tried to build the stack back up. On PP you only start with 800 in chips but the play isn’t the best so I slowly built my stack up to about $1350 before I was crippled by a poor call when a calling station raised when the board paired fours on the river. I called with top pair top kicker (queens), only to find that he had been calling half-pot bets with bottom pair.

I was able to limp back to the top four and went all-in under the gun to steal the blinds with 99 (with the blinds at $100/$200). I wasn’t happy when the big blind called because he had me covered my 150 chips and thought it was all over when he turned up 23s to go out on the bubble.


Needless to say hell hadn’t frozen over so he was out.

Whenever I make the top three I hate to be the first one out, so I played my best and made it heads up at only a 3 to 2 chip deficit. The blinds were climbing fast however and I became the chip leader before falling a few chip behind until the last hand where I called with A10 because I knew he was going all-in with any two face cards. I was right and he turned up JQ, which looked great for me when I flopped two pair, but the turn brought a king and I was out in second.

I did boost the sagging free money account however so I’ll tighten up and see if I can get it all back.

Thanks for reading.


Blogger Kim said...

I'm down ten bucks myself in my cash account this week, and hubby is up five. Guess I need to tighten up for a few days and see if I can win it back...

11:04 AM  
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