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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

My best play to date

Big Slick……the name alone is daunting. It’s big AND it’s slick. I wonder if it had another name if it would be overplayed so badly. If it were named “Little Timmy” would it be so overplayed after the flop?

Here’s the situation: I am the chip leader by a narrow margin in a Royal Vegas step tourney, approximately 6000 TC out of the 15000 in play with three players left and the blind at 200/400. The top two only advance to the next level and third gets another shot at the current level. Number two in chip is on my immediate right. He has played a little erratically, but has also shown down some good hands.

I am dealt Big Slick. Not just Big Slick, buy Big Slick suited (or soooooooted if you prefer). Pretty nice cards three-handed so I raise on the button to 900, small blind folds and the big blind calls. The flop comes 4,4, 10 rainbow and the big blind BETS $1200!!!

What the hell??!!?? Doesn’t he know I have Big friggin’ Slick? I’m going all in and show him a thing or two!

I thought that, but what I actually did was think for a while and then fold. While it was unlikely he was holding a 4, it was entirely possible that he was holding a 10. I actually was putting him on A10, but he could have a set of 10’s, which would reduce me to the runner-runner suckout option while facing another bet on the turn and on the river.

A fold seemed prudent.

I folded and went on to place second, winning a seat in the next level and simply going all-in on the first hand after making second place because I was a 3-1 chip underdog and I had already accomplished my goal, living to play another day.

Big Slick is a tough lay down, but it’s a lay down that has to be considered.

Thanks for reading.


Blogger Kim said...

Oh! I love how you write about those hands... what a tough fold, but good call and good finish.

11:36 AM  

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