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Friday, February 11, 2005

Keeping track

Since I allowed the free money I received from PartyPoker to get dwindled down with poor play at the Omaha 8/b ($1/$2) table (look for possible scoop hands only you moron!), I have been playing with the few ruppies I had left at the NLHE $25 (6-max.) tables trying to build the stack back to the original $50 gift.

Regular readers, of which I think there are currently three, will remember that I was down $43 to an all-time low of $7 in my PP account. I took $6 of that money to a one-table SNG and placed third, bringing the PP bankroll (and yes, I’m using the term loosely!) up to a staggering $11, which I have used exclusively at the $25 NLHE tables.

Since this online blog is mainly so I’ll have preserved for posterity a written record of my play, I’m going to digress here and mention the games and levels I’m currently playing to refer to later in my career as a fledgling poker player. They are listed in no particular order:

On Line Play
1. No Limit Texas Hold Em (6 people maximum) $25 max. buy-in
2. NLHE SNG (ranging from $1 step tourneys to $10 buy-in)
3. NLHE three table tourneys (occasionally)
4. Omaha 8/b (limit, $.25/$.50 to $1/$2)
5. Crazy Pineapple & CP 8/b ($.25/$.50)
Live Play
1. Limit Hold Em ($1/$2 to $4/$8)
2. NLHE ($50-$200 max. buy-in)
3. NLHE multi-table tourneys (6 to 20 players)

My bankroll is steadily increasing and I have opted to cash out from my on line account occasionally and at this point, all the money I have in my four on line accounts is profit. If I go on massive, brain numbing tilt and lose every cent I have in every account I maintain, I will not be out a single dime of real money. That’s a nice feeling.

So my PP account was on life support at $7. Like the emigrants of old I took my $7 stake, wrapped it neatly in a paisley handkerchief, tied it to a stick, and tossed it over my shoulder as I headed for the promised land, the $25 buy-in NLHE (6 max.) tables.

That’s the only game I’ve played on Party Poker for the last two weeks and unless a really juicy tourney comes up, I’ll continue to play no-limit at Party and see what I can do with the free money I’ve been given.

So far it has doubled and doubled again and then a little more and currently stands at $36, up $19, but still down $14.

Back to battle (an entirely different post).

Thanks for reading.


Blogger Kim said...

I hope I can make time to play my cash account this weekend... your posts are great and give me a lot to think about when I play. Keep 'em coming!

7:14 AM  
Blogger Ignatious said...

wow, i'm glad i finally found your blog. i'll pimp it soon.

6:56 PM  

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