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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Never trust a woman in a cowboy hat

When it rains it pours. I’ve been looking for a regular home game for months and when I was about to give up, suddenly there are three within 15 minutes drive of my house.

I played in my first re-buy tournament Saturday evening. The structure was pretty good starting with 6500 in tournament chips and blinds at 100/200, increasing every 20 minutes with rebuys for the first hour only and an add-on at the end of the first hour when the rebuys ended.

I think I played a good game but I also know that three plays kept me from finishing in the money (top three) and bubbling out in fourth place.

There were actually maybe just two bad plays. You can be the judge of that.

Bad play number one: In the second level there have already been a couple of all-ins, and I want to make sure the table knows I am not afraid of pushing, so I go all-in with 10 10 one off the button after one limper and the big blind calls with AA…..rebuy!

I was able to double up when I got called down by AK to my AA shortly after so with the add-on I was in good shape after the rebuy period ended.

One good play I had added to my chip count when I limped on the button with QJ with one player limping ahead of me. The flop gave me two pair, which I checked. The big blind checked and the limper pushed all in sensing weakness. I called and doubled up when his nut flush draw didn’t hit.

Bad play number two: I went card dead for a while when we were down to five players, and then two other players got very short stacked. I was dealt Q9 of diamonds one off the button and folded hoping to get into the money. I should have pushed a little harder.

Bad play number three: After doubling up with KJs I had some breathing room and immediately was dealt KQs in the big blind. I pushed all-in in after a standard raise from the lady in the cowboy hat who had a massive chip lead and was raising almost every pot. She called with A6 suited and completed the nut flush on the turn, so IGHN.

This was a bad play because I could have just called her raise and laid down after not hitting anything and still had chips to work with. I thought if I pushed here however I would have a chance of winning.

The worst play of the night however was not mine. I more than doubled up with KJs when the chip leader bet at a flop of rags and the other caller folded. She turned over K9 and didn’t improve. The person who folded would have caught a four on the river and knocked me out if she had just checked it down.

We got into a huge discussion about the dry side bluff. People couldn’t understand me saying she had made a mistake even though it would have led to my demise.

Good play is good play no matter how it affects me.

Thanks for reading.


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