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playing poker and teaching science: Paying for a margarita
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Monday, April 18, 2005

Paying for a margarita

What do you do if you feel like playing a little poker but have had two big margaritas and a couple of beers? The worst thing to do is sit down with real money, but when UltimateBet offers mico-limit games you can play for real money fairly safely.

That was the scenario when I sat down with my $2 to play Omaha with blinds of $.01/$.02. The twist is that this is pot limit, which is beginning to become my new addiction. You are playing a set limit and then all of a sudden the dollar amount leaps forward.

It’s very exciting!

I am dealt AAKx in the big blind and limp in because raising in this type of game doesn’t limit the field and aces rarely hold up by themselves. The flop brings AKK. I have the best possible hand. There is no way to have quads because I also have one of the kings. All good poker players know that when you have the mortal, end-all-to-save-all nuts, you check.


Check, check, check, bet the pot. Someone must have KK, so it’ll be he and I heads up, right? No way! Call, call, call, and I call. Actually, six players saw the turn and four saw the river and called when I re-raised the pot.

I won $8. That’s 400 big bets or $8000 if I had been playing $10/$20.

Penny anti bought one margarita. :-)

Reed Em.


Blogger Kim said...

Don't you just love it when that happens? :)

12:01 PM  

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