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playing poker and teaching science: Very close and then double quads!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Very close and then double quads!

Tuesday night poker tournament: $40 buy-in, top two places paid out of seven entrants.

How stupid do you feel when you make a good read on another player, but misread the board?

I am dealt QJ in middle position and raise 2x the big blind, getting only the big blind as a caller. The flop is J49 rainbow so I bet my top pair, good kicker and get called. The turn is a blank I bet and get called again. The river is a queen and I have been thinking there is a straight possibility so when I bet the river and get raised I think he must have hit a straight, but for some reason I was thinking there was already a 10 on the board. I said, “Do you have AK?” He sat blank faced. I made the crying call and he turned over the AK just like I thought, and then I mumbled about my bad luck as I turned my top two pair.

He said, “You win,” and I felt like an ass as I raked in the chips. I almost mucked the winner! Duh.

When we were down to four players I pushed all-in in the small blind with a suited K9 and was called by a 97o who was the short stack and was looking to double up as the blinds increased. The flop had a seven and I thought I was crippled but a rivered King placed me in the top three.

I really need to work on my short handed play. I folded at least one hand I should have played for a raise when I received A5o on the button. I think I was WAY too conservative because I had yet to cash in this game because of some bad beats and wanted to get over the hump and make the money.

It did work out though and I made the top two with an adequate supply of chips, but got outkicked TWICE, once with 82 and two deuces on the board. We both slow played our set of ducks and then his 10 played, taking me down to the felt and forcing me all-in in the big blind and I was out in second.

Overall however I was very satisfied with my play.

Then even more fun began!

We only had five players that could stay for the cash game and we decided to play no limit, $50 buy-in, dealers choice with $.50/$1 blinds. The only games we ended up playing were Omaha, Hold Em, and Pineapple. I caught some great cards and also had a good read on the other players so was able to lay down the losing hand twice.

Two fun hands:
I havd pocket 10’s heads up and the flop was 10 4 2 rainbow. Finally a set and NO flush possibility! I check, get bet into, and flat call. The turn is a Jack, check, bet, raise, call. The river is the case 10 and I go ahead and check because my opponent is already reacing for chips. He bets, and I double his bet to get the call. I think he may have folded to a larger or all-in bet but he called with AJs and I raked in a nice pot.

Four hands later playing Pineapple I receive JJQ and discard the Queen after a flop of AJ4. I shifted gears and bet out the set and got two callers. The turn makes quad Jacks and I was called on the turn but not the river and I had to show my second set of quads. A first for me during live play.

There was one gambler in the group and he announced that he's going all-in blind on the last hand of the evening for his last $12. This also happens to be my big blind. I decide as the cards are dealt that I will just fold my blind and take my 13 big bet profit and go home a winner in both of the evening’s games.

I look down and the Hilton sisters are blinking their baby blues at me.



Heads up he turns over 45o but catches A3 on the flop to have more outs than I’d like for him to have so I have to sweat the turn and river as he doesn’t improve and I get to take home $25 from the no limit game to add to my second place tournament winnings.



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