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Monday, May 02, 2005


If I was talking to Shana Hiatt during the post game interview it would go something like this:

“Well Shana, I think I played a good game. I got all my money in with the best hand and lost to a three-outer. That’s poker.”


I took the leap and slapped down my $30 (+$3) on Poker Stars Sunday night for the World Poker Blogger’s Tour World Series of Poker. The winner received a $1500 seat at the WSOP and with only 65 or so entries, the odds weren’t too bad at all. There were a lot of names I recognized from their blogs however so I knew the competition would be tough.

I think I played well and was actually in 4th place at one point until I was beat with the best hand. I went all-in with AQs against KQ and the board gave the other player an ace on the river for Broadway and IGHN.

Hands of note:
Level one I tried to limp in with a suited ace but had to fold to a big, late position raise.
67s in the small blind that I raised when everyone folded around to me. The flop was 7 high so I bet the minimum. The ivypokerprof raised but I read it as a steal attempt and re-raised. He folded and I won the hand. Whew!
I moved into 4th place for a while when I called a raise with AQ and check-raised a queen high flop, winning $990.
Level two I won with big slick and K10 from the big blind.
Level three I played NO HANDS AT ALL! Card dead.
I had to fold JJ to an ace high flop that was bet out.

It was a dark and stormy night and the blinds were at $75/$100. I was in late position when I was dealt 72o. Crap. I was actually hoping that I wouldn’t be dealt The Hammer. I NEVER play that hand but a lot of bloggers take great pride in use of The Hammer and I couldn’t very well let it go since this was a blogger’s tournament. I thought, took a deep breath, and raised to four times the big blind. All folded and I showed the bluff. WHEW!

I need to work on bluffing from time to time and I’m glad it worked. Once.

Overall I think I played well with the exception of one hand where I folded AQ out of the small blind to an early position raise that turned out to be KQ. But I made it past the first break and into the 6th level in a good position to make the final table with a little luck and the camaraderie of the blogger’s tournament was well worth the $30 to play.

Congratulations to ABVidale, the eventual winner.


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