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playing poker and teaching science: Beans don’t fry on the grill…
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Beans don’t fry on the grill…

I’m movin’ on up.

After a few weeks of the variance of bonus chasing and trying to play just to get numbers of hands, I’ve decided to ditch that experiment with the following observations:

1. Bonus chasing can be profitable.
2. Bonus chasing requires ABC poker.
3. Bonus chasing requires a lot of time.
4. Bonus chasing is not very much fun.

It was an interesting experiment, but if I have to complete a certain number of hands in a certain time period, I’m not having fun playing and, after all, poker is supposed to be fun. I did however see a lot of things that take excessive playing time to observe. Such as:

1. In one WINNING session I had quads beaten by a straight flush and an aces over 10’s full house beaten by quad jacks.
2. Won a huge pot with a king high straight flush winning over an ace high flush.
3. I received KK three hands in a row, doubled up on the first one and lost to 88 with a flopped set, and then 77 when four spades hit. Guess who had none.
4. In a game of Omaha hi, SEVEN people stayed all the way to the river in a raised and re-raised pot where I won, 31 big bets with the FLOPPED nut flush.

The bankroll I have on line is large enough t venture into the unexplored land of $3/$6 limit hold em. I have three times the amount I usually buy into a 3/6 game with and I know I’m a winner at these home games. So I’m moving up a level.

I sat for a few orbits last night and made $75 in less than a half hour with good starting hands in good position. The game was very tight and the players very predictable, yet I resisted the urge to make any type of real play. I played ABC and was called down with the best hand.

We’ll see how things go up on the east side, in my New York apartment in the sky.

Thanks for reading.


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