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playing poker and teaching science: A tale of two tables.
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Sunday, October 02, 2005

A tale of two tables.

They were the best of hands, they were the worst of hands.

I’m still grinding out some extra cash and increasing my bankroll two-tabling $2/$4 at Party Poker, but I keep finding myself getting drawn into the trap of thinking that I should play marginal hands that look good, regardless of pot odds. The odd thing is however, I only seem to do it one table at a time.

For example, I ended a one-hour session yesterday morning up $60 on one table, and down $53 on the other table.

Table one: Nothing interesting. My best hand was AJ unsuited. The flop is JJ10, I catch an ace on the river to fill up and win a nice pot, in position with a hand I should be playing, and in looking at the hand history found I was ahead all the way. I’m bet every street, and was called down. It’s played like a typical Party table. My KK held up, AQs won a queen high flop…..nothing spectacular, just good cards winning as they should over time.

Table two: Also nothing interesting except when I miss the 44 10 flop with pocket nines and it’s bet in front of me I RAISE and call it down to lose to pocket Queens. I also got involved in a raised pot with a weak suited Ace, flopped two pair and lost to a straight which I also called down even though I knew I was beaten. There are other examples but they are too embarrassing to mention.

I’ve found I have a tendency to steam on my losing table and tighten up at my winning table. A major leak that I must plug.

To my credit, I thought about my problem and vowed to work on it and turned out a nice winning session later in the day, and then followed it up with another the next morning.

Good job me!


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