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playing poker and teaching science: As the cold north winds begin to blow...
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Friday, September 30, 2005

As the cold north winds begin to blow...

Painful truth update:

2005 on line totals:
April 30, -- $179
May 30, -- $375
June 30 -- $610
July 30 -- $1197
August 30 -- $1227
September -- $1337

Variance has had a big impact on the monthly bottom line. I deposited (actually redeposited) $400 on Party Poker and received a $100 bonus, but other than that weekend I haven't had a lot of time to play recently.

I've taught myself to NOT play when pressed for time. More than once I tried to squeeze in 45 of play because that was all the time I had. Opening up two tables and waiting for the blind to come around, something I ALWAYS do now, left me with a sense of ungency to play. That sense of urgency made me more likely to limp in out of position with a hand that plays well from late position only.

Bad poker player! Negative EV!

My statistics haven't changed much, but if there are ups and downs of $200 or more, and then the month ends during a down time, the bottom line takes a hit. The trend is still upward though and I haven't posted a losing month since I started keeping bankroll records.

One other thing is a certainty and that’s the fact that in looking over all my past deposit records, I have actually cashed out WAY more than I have deposited into online poker sites. I could lose every dime I have online tomorrow and still be in the black playing a game I enjoy.

That’s very cool.

The goal now is to just keep plugging away at the $2/$4, two-table grind until next summer when, baring anything unforseen, I'll move up to the $3/$6 games. They seem to play almost the same as the $2/$4 at Party and so the variance will be proportunately larger but the larger bankroll will make them a little easier to take mentally.


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