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playing poker and teaching science: Congratulations, $10 has been added to your account….
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Congratulations, $10 has been added to your account….

That’s a pretty cool email to receive! I haven’t played at Empire for a while so they gave me $10 for free to entice me back. Here’s my chance to play tight with free money and turn it into a tidy profit, right?

I don’t believe in online conspiracy, I don’t believe in online conspiracy, I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t believe in online conspiracy!

But if there is one trying to get a hold of my money, I avoided it.

The plan was to take the $10 to the Omaha 8b table, play only A2, A3 hands and slowly build a profit. I played 35 hands and was blinded down without winning/splitting, or even quartering one single hand. There was never a possible low withy every A2 hand and every A3 hand found either an ace or a three on the flop.

To top it off, people started leaving the table until it was heads up. At Empire Poker the minimum buy-in is $5 on their lowest tables. I had $4.50. If I left the table I was on I wouldn’t be able to join another table, which in retrospect would have been a real time saver!

The next hand dealt I pushed bets all the way to the river with absolutely no hand whatsoever, at which time my opponent folded and I scampered from the table with $6.50. Sorry dude.

What now?

The buy-in is $5 + $1 for one table tournaments, so I went to the O8b tables and sat down to double up.

Suck out, suck out, mistake slow playing flopped nut flush, suck out…..

Down to 50 cents. Bye Empire.

Stop teasing me like that!


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