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Monday, September 12, 2005

Trump cards

I love holding the nuts. How often do you get to sit down at a table and hold the nuts on your very first hand you play? I had this rare opportunity last Friday evening at the Trump casino in East Chicago.

First things first: If you are going to the Trump Casino, heading north on 912 and getting off on exit 6, just like the signs say…. TURN RIGHT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE EXIT!!!!! Yes, the road turns to the left and that looks like the way to go, but you’ll find that if you simply turn to the right you won’t find yourself asking for directions from a middle eastern gentleman standing behind bulletproof glass. That’s all I’ll say about that.

After only five minutes of wait time, I sat down at a full $3/$6 HE (with a full kill) game in a nice, smoke-free room that was very busy with an evening tournament. I was two off the button. I thought the night might be a long one because I didn’t play either of my blinds due to mediocre hands and raised kill pots, and I would have won BOTH hands. But still I knew I was making the correct play folding J6 and 97.

I’m down only $4 on the button when I am dealt both black queens. Two little ladies, the Hilton sisters, stare back at me, but with six players in the pot, raising them didn’t seem prudent. THEN THE FLOP COMES: QQ9!!!!!

The first hand I play and I’m sitting on quads! I check to the young Asian guy on my left, he check, dirty-guy-just-off-work bets and everyone folds to me. Naturally I flat call and we keep the YAG for one more bet.

The turn is a blank and DGJOW is already fingering his short stack of chips. He was all-in but won the kill pot the hand before and he was looking hungry for another score. Poor dumb bastard. Check. YAG checked again and was already about to toss his cards so I went ahead and check-raised now because I knew I was only going to get two more bets out of DGJOW. I didn’t get two. I got three. He actually raised me for the last of his chips when I bet out on the river.

Is it rude to say “call” without bothering to actually put out chips?

He was a good loser and told me “Good hand,” as he got up to leave. I strikes me that he was a day worker that took the cash to the casino to play poker every night. He should get better if he’s going to play K9 and raise on the river after being check raised.

I’ll be back at Trump on my birthday, October 13th.

On a side note: I played a couple of hands with Felicia on the O8b micro-limit tables at Ultimate Bet. She was doing at one table having doubled her (second) buy-in, but left the table I was at because it was too tight. It loosened up immediately because my $2 buy-in was more than $9 ten minutes later.

Gotta love the low limit fish.

Thanks for reading.


Blogger Shelly said...

I probably just missed ya Friday at Trump!! I left around 7pm. Let me know when you're going again!! I've been heading there 3 or 4 times a week lately.

9:50 PM  

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