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playing poker and teaching science: How you know your girlfriend doesn’t trust you…
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Monday, September 26, 2005

How you know your girlfriend doesn’t trust you…

The new girlfriend has shown an interest in poker (yes, I know, we’ll see how long THAT lasts) so I agree to play a few hands and show her the ropes.

She pulls out some plastic “poker” chips, which are absolutely impossible to riffle by the way, and I shuffle up and deal.

Using the classic No Fold Em Hold Em gambit, she successfully cuts my stack of white, blue, and a color-which-can-only-be-described as red chips nearly in half despite nearly flawless play on my part.

I bet when I had the best of it. She called me down and sucked me out on the river time and time again. I slowed my betting with my Broadway straight when she called a big bet on the flop and a third spade fell on the turn. A fourth came on the river and her 92 offsuit, where the deuce was a spade, took the pot. Her "pair" of nines lost to me aces, but the board of A678, along with her kicker 5 gave her a straight.

She “felt” it, apparently, over and over.

Then it happened. I see a flop of Q75 while holding 97 suited. Small bet called. The turn is another 7, I bet, she calls. The turn is a small blank so I bet a moderate amount to take the pot with my set of sevens. She raises and flashes her cards, 74.

“Wait,” I tell her. “I have the option of calling or raising here.”

“I raise all-in.”

“But you saw my cards,” She said in her ever-so-cute Bulgarian accent, which sounds A LOT like Teddy KGB.

“That’s right. I saw your cards. So that means by pushing all-in that I must be able to beat the hand you’re holding.”

“You are bluffing. I call.”

I take the pot with a bigger kicker.

I don’t think she trusts me…..


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