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playing poker and teaching science: January 2015

playing poker and teaching science

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I'm a middle school science teacher, wrestling coach, poker player, scuba diver, aikido black belt, amateur writer, and student of life. In the past I have tried to give back a little by volunteering at a children's home in Belmopan, Belize, Central America. I also love Frosted Flakes. I have taken a year sabbatical from my teaching position in order to sail the Caribbean. Does that sound crazy to you?

Monday, January 05, 2015

2014 Things to remember

My annual things to remember post, in no particular order:
1. First trip to Mexico all alone. Stayed at the Hotel Cozumel and Resort. A very relaxing trip.
2. Second trip to Mexico. Stayed at the El Cid. A great choice!
3. Another fantastic trip to Hawaii where my sister and I hiked the Kalalau trail on Kauai.
4. Brief encounter with a stalker.
5. Got on a heater in Vegas! Two tournament wins and +$1000 on the cash table all within a 24 hour period.
6. My first Thanksgiving at my son's house.
7. All new furnishings in my home.
8. A wrestling trip to Oklahoma City.
9. An inpromptu Christmas trip to Daytona Beach.
10. Starting a new chapter.