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playing poker and teaching science: The dreaded pocket Kings
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The dreaded pocket Kings

There are some things that are almost beyond comprehension in poker and this one can be added to the list:

I am dealt two black kings on the button with a $15 raise in front of me so I re-raise to $40. The small blind deliberates and raises to $140. It folds to me and I go all-in for another $150 on top of the $140. He tanks for awhile and I say, "Let me help you," and TURN MY CARDS OVER.

"I have too much money in there," he said as he call and flips over two queens.

Yes. Queen on the river.

What are you going to do except rebuy?

Nice hand, sir...


Blogger lightning36 said...

Unreal. I believe that Rob would die ON THE SPOT!

7:51 AM  

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