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playing poker and teaching science: I'm just not a nice guy.
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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I'm just not a nice guy.

"I guess I'm just a nice guy I guess because I'm going to call."

That's a direct quote from the player on my right at Friday night poker sponsored by the American Legion. I've written about this game previously here and here. His opponent called two small bets and then led out when the FOURTH diamond hit the board. He called with his two pair which were NOT the top two incidently. He went on to say that he knew he was beat but that he called anyway.

Later he bet out on the river on a board that contained two tens and little else and was upset that his 10 6 full house did not get paid off. When ask why he would play 10 6 as first to act he said it was only for $2.

This is the same guy who was critisizing his opponent's play and giving advice on the best way to play hand after hand. He was predicatble at best, a calling station at worst, and obviously a losing player and yet he gave advice non-stop.

When he ask me directly, I agreed with him every step of the way. We never want the poor players to improve, right?

The player to my left was an older lady. I re-raised to $25 with KK and she called. I bet $50 into a flop of J, 3, 6 rainbow and she called. The board paired 6 and i pushed all-in for another $95 and actually told her that she should fold if she didn't pair the 6. She called with a straight draw and missed one of her 8 outs.

She went on to talk about how she was pot committed and that she'll call down any two cards and that's why she was hard to play against. I actually told her I would have called there as well but I'm was laughing to myself. I found her very predictable and again, a losing player.

Maybe I'm just not a very nice guy. I don't want to give ONE DIME when I know I'm beat and I don't throw money away chasing a pipe dream draw.

I'll let the losing players be nice!


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