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Monday, February 03, 2014

Hello 10 8

I was out with friends last Friday and didn’t think I’d play at the American Legion, but decided to stop in at about 10 for an hour or so of play. Most players seem to buy one bag of $50 in chips but I generally buy in for $100. This night I just bought the one bag because I was just going to splash a few pots and then head home.

I sat down in the three seat right behind the button and look down at 10 8 off-suit and toss in two white chips when it looks like this is a limping table. A suited 10 and 8 is one of my favorite hands to play but I only called here because of all the limpers. Then the big bling tosses in $4 more to sweeten the pot. Several callers later I’m priced in.

No big deal. I’m just here for a beer and a little poker fun.

The flop is 10 8 3 rainbow. The big blind bets $9 and gets two callers ahead of me. I then raise to $31, about three-quarters of the pot, and almost my entire stack! I get one caller. The turn is a deuce and I toss in my last chips thinking maybe I’ll go home early and get called by 10 3 suited.

Yes. He called a raise with 10 3.

I played exactly one hand and my $50 buy in is already up to $133. HELLO!

I played for another hour and left up $173, bringing the American Legion total for the year at just under $500.


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