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playing poker and teaching science: Back in the pub cash
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Back in the pub cash

It’s been a busy summer with Space Camp, motorcycle jaunts, travel, and putzing around the house getting the yard in shape, cleaning gutters, and minor plumbing repairs. It’s quickly drawing to a close as the "back to school" signs remind me everywhere I look, but with the Jimmy Buffett concert tomorrow night, Rib Fest approaching, and Bonny Raitt coming to town, the twinge of summer’s end is deadened ever so slightly.


I've also found a new church home and that is a pleasing feeling indeed :-)


Poker has taken a back seat lately. I have however still found time to improve my token cache on Full Tilt, and I returned to the local pub for the weekly freeroll tournament last night and chopped the prize pool after reaching the top three with a firm grasp on the second largest chip stack.
I will without hesitation admit to a large suckout when my nut flush draw beat out trip queens. Okay... I was drawing to runner, runner for my flush and pushed to an unconnected board that had one diamond and a queen and thought Mr. Pocket Queens was making a move, but the freeroll mindset is such that you have to get lucky from time to time.
Mr. Pocket queens was VERY unset. You know the guy.... he was talking about how much he played live cash games and how good he was and how you had to play strong against the big chip stack. He ranted for a while about the hand to which I replied "Thank you for the input," before he stormed out.
Suck outs are part of the game. I've had quads beaten by and inside straight flush draw. Life goes on buddy!
Meanwhile.... cha ching! $50 for moi!
Where did I put those lesson plans last May???


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