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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mr. Reed and the E-Table

Much like almost every other state in the Union, Indiana is mired in hypocrisy. Originally, a casino was allowed, as long as it was floating on water. If you add a retention pond in a land-locked county, hire a full-time captain, and splash a casino into it, that’s cool because it's floating and Satan apparently cannot swim.

We have two race tracks for horses, which became a perfect place for land based casinos, but let’s make it illegal to have CARDS there. Therefore, when Satan wanders in, he will not be convinced there is sinning taking place because cards aren’t in the air.

Hoosiers are saved the evils of gambling because there are no cards present???

Oy vey.

Both Hoosier Park and Indiana Live! (yes, you have to include the exclamation point) have featured black jack and three-card poker, and now they also have multiple electronic poker games.

They have card games, but no real cards, and no real dealers.

Last night I thought I’d give them a try. I VERY MUCH prefer having some actual cards in front of me, but as a enjoyable pastime, and as a money-making venture, it seems like the e-table is in fact very similar to my live poker playing experiences. I am withholding final judgment until I try it a few more times, however I will post things I notice.

My first observation: It seems as though it’s very easy for the average casino visitor who is accustom to betting machines to jump into a game after securing a “Pro Poker” card, and that fact may be less threatening than walking into a brick and mortar poker room with chips, and dealers, and players sporting mullets and sunglasses. These “I’ll give it a try” players put $100 on a card and jump in a game, catch a beat of the garden or bad variety, and then drop out for the night.

I saw the afore mentioned happen several times. A young Negraneau wannabe jumps in a game, bluffs off his entire buy-in to a solid player, and then takes the walk of shame complaining that some donkey called down his great bluff with top pair top kicker.

My play of the night: Taking advantage of a solid image I spent three hours building, I called a pre-flop raise with a suited 8 10 from the small blind, pushed hard on a flop of Q-10-4 rainbow, and watched four players fold as I raked in a nice pot with second pair, weak kicker.


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