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Sunday, March 15, 2009


During my 18 years as a professional educator, I’ve been the fortunate recipient of several letters that begin with the single word phrase “Congratulations!” As one of the few journalism/geology gentlemen on the planet, I read voraciously and as such, often stumble across opportunities in the sciences. All that is required at that point is writing to apply.

Writing: One of my fortes!

I again found on the receiving end of a congratulatory letter yesterday, this time from Honeywell. I have received a grant to attend the 2009 Honeywell Educators @ Space Academy located in Huntsville, Alabama this summer.

I’m going to space camp!

For a week this summer I will be participating in some of the same training as our astronauts with other teachers from across the United States. There will apparently also be 19 other countries represented in my training class.

I wonder if I get my own jumpsuit…


Blogger --S said...

That sounds like a blast! Enjoy!

10:05 AM  
Blogger Vladyfan said...

I am going too! June 20th! When do you go?

6:51 AM  

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