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I'm a middle school science teacher, wrestling coach, poker player, scuba diver, aikido black belt, amateur writer, and student of life. In the past I have tried to give back a little by volunteering at a children's home in Belmopan, Belize, Central America. I also love Frosted Flakes. I have taken a year sabbatical from my teaching position in order to sail the Caribbean. Does that sound crazy to you?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Life Outside The Pub

Some things I’m really happy about: First, after participating in a conference call with the advisory board on which I am honored to serve, I found the children’s home I volunteer at in Belize has raised enough money to purchase the land for a new home and they have already contracted three men to clear the land…. With machetes, naturally… clearing five acres by hand.


They expect to have volunteer quarters for workers finished by this summer. That sounds a tad optimistic, but I hope it works out. One way or another, when I head down this summer I’ll be able to visit to new spread!

Second, I’ve make reservations at the Stratosphere for the first week of the World Series of Poker. Where I stay isn’t a huge deal to me as long as I’m near the strip and I figure the more I save on a room I only use for sleep, the more I’ll have to play with, so that $33 promotional rate sounded too good to pass up.

So, some plans for the summer are starting to take shape, but there are a couple grant applications I have pending so that’s as far ahead as I’m planning right now.
All that and spring break in South Daytona. That’s a given.

My pub poker run qualified me for the invitation only tournament for the point leaders. I easily make the cut and sat down with 65 other qualifiers last Sunday to take my shoot at pub poker immortality.

I built a nice stack, but with accelerating blinds and two big hits to my stack by inferior starting hands, I was beginning to think that it just wasn’t my day. I had exactly 1600 when blinds hit 400/800. I was sitting on two times the big blind, and I was in the big blind. Not a good spot. Suddenly play stopped. I had made the final table.

That felt good about that accomplishment at least.

We drew for deal and I was about have way across the final nine so I had a few hands to look at before I had to shove. Three hands later I was first to act, hoping for any ace when I looked down at just that, with an ace kicker.

I limped.

Everyone folded to the small blind who pushed for his last few chips. The big blind called, bet when a king hit the flop, and I tripled up.

To make a long story that is only interesting to me short, I made the money, placing fourth to a three-outer.

To wrap up the all-free pub poker season where my goal was to simply qualify for the ending tournament, I accomplished my goal, made the money during the tournament, AND pocketed a few hundred dollars along the way.

Life is good.


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