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playing poker and teaching science: Attention Deficit Disorder Poker
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Attention Deficit Disorder Poker

Finally! Poker for those of us with ADD! Full Tilt Poker has added a new twist: enter The Matrix.

In Matrix games you play the same opponents in four sit-and-go games, ALL AT ONE TIME and you earn cash for where you place in each of the games and then also cash for where you place in The Matrix.

If that doesn't stress the senses to the breaking point, I've been playing exclusively 6-handed, turbo sit-and-go games.

Waaaaaa Hooooooo!

Here's my strategy: A-B-C poker for the most part, but also utilizing the fact that my opponents may be playing in much the same manner and slipping in a winning hand now and then by betting out when an ace hits.

Aces scare people.

My strategy seems to be working and I'm having fun., which is always goal numero uno. In the last four games I've placed second in The Matrix three times and first once by winning five games and finishing second in five games.

I'll be right back....... I think I hear a duck.......


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