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playing poker and teaching science: I found a lucky penny.
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I found a lucky penny.

Everyone who’s anyone knows that if you spot a penny lying on the ground that you immediately receive good luck the second you scoop said coin into your grubby little paws. *

*With the proviso of course that the copper coinage of providence is lying with Abe’s shining countenance facing upward and not hiding itself in the mess and muck of Mother Earth.

I thought about that coin when I called the pre-flop raise by an old guy in a hat. I had Big Slick and received for my call a flop of King, rag, rag. I am happily bet into and raise. I’m sitting at the Argosy Casino in Southern Indiana waiting for my beloved Omaha 8/b game to get enough players. I bought in for $200 and had chipped up about $80 with good cards and bad callers.

Old guy with hat calls.


He’s seems to be a solid player and the hands I’ve seen him table have been worthy of play. Why would he call? He either has AK, KK, or AA, right?

Another rag. Check. Check.

A river rag and he bets $100 into a $120 pot.

I didn’t have to think long. There are only two logical hands that can beat me and I figured that we would chop the pot.

He turns up aces. I lose $175.

“Nice hand.”

Can I play this any differently? Heads up with AK and flop top pair top kicker. He would have played the hand the same way if HE had had AK I believe

In a cash game I know I’m not good enough to lay that hand down with a totally unconnected and unsuited board. Maybe I will be one day, but as long as a have a couple more bullets in my pocket, I don’t think I will.

The blinds go around a few more times and I look down to find AA in the small blind. It folds around to the old guy with hat on my right on the button and he raises.


I flat call and the big blind re-raises.


Old guy folds and I push all-in. He calls with KK.

I’m back to nearly even money. Two hands later I win a small pot, the Omaha game opens and I bid farewell with my $4 profit. In the Omaha 8/b game I play for two hours, don’t scoop a single pot, and win $130.

Lucky penny.


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