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Friday, December 02, 2005

Get me a face mask!

How often do you play in a one-table tournament and see some clown get hit in the face with the cards? He catches a two-outer, fills his draws, and generally receives the best cards by the river no matter how far behind he was before the flop.

Last night I was the clown.

We started with 1500 TC and blinds at 10/15, going up every 15 minutes. I started out playing tight. This was VERY easy to do because the cards I was receiving were better for doubling down in Blackjack than playing in poker: 83, 92, 74. You get the idea. All these hands were single suited….. as if that mattered anyway. As a matter of fact, in the first three levels I played exactly ONE hand. I called a 2X the big blind raise with 10 4s out of the big blind.

The flop was AK3….. bet, fold.

Then it happened. The blinds are at 50/100, I’m starting to get short stacked, and I’m on the button with 77 and only one limper in front of me. All-in. The big blind calls and I’m fine with that because I need to double up. Then the limper calls. That’s not good.

The big blind turns up AJs and the limper turns up 88 and I’m looking for a 2-outer. Time to go home, until the flop comes AA7 and I have a full boat and the board graciously decides NOT to pair and I triple up as the big blind makes a buck or two and the limper limps home.
No big deal. That’s going to happen one time in 16.

The big deal is that all of a sudden I go on a massive heater and I’m getting slammed with cards, right in my ruggedly handsome kisser. Big Slick flops AK. AQ flops a straight. A9s fills a flush. All these hands are being called down, even when I check raise.

People are dropping like the interest in having Dutch Boyd cat sit.

We’re down to four players and I have a 7 to 1 chip lead over the next closest competitor when I find out that no matter what I do, I’m going to win.

*At this point I should mention that I was still playing my best game at this point and even though I had a runaway chip lead I was still thinking about one thing: don’t blow it. There have been a few times in the past where I was in the top four or five with plenty of chips and then blew the game by making marginal calls while the short stack managed to stay alive and I went home without cashing. I was determined NOT to let that happen.*

Enter The Hammer.

Okay, I wasn’t going to blow the lead by pushing with The Hammer from the small blind against the big blind. I would push all-in, he would fold, I’d show my bluff, we’d have a good laugh, and then I would go back to protecting my chips.

I pushed all-in.

He had AK suited.


The Flop is AK4. Turn 5. River 3.

I have a wheel.


Cursing ensues.

I’m in the money.

After that I had such a large chip lead that it was only a matter of playing smart and not pushing too hard and unceremoniously I take down first place.

It’s good to be the clown!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome play with the Hammer, I bet you didn't even break a sweat! Someone shoulda yelled out here comes the straight lol

9:53 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Great play! sometimes when nights start like that it's hard to turn it around and come out on top. Way to go

1:28 PM  

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