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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Ideas

I'm an idea man; I always have been. New story lines, inventions, and alterations of machines and procedures pop into my head all the time, but I don't have the time or financial resources to pursue them. Somebody may however and so I'm going to list new ideas when they pop up and if someone wants to make a gazillion dollars with one of them, they can feel free.

Karma is a wonderful thing. If someone profits from one of my ideas, I'm sure fate will smile on me as a result.

Here's the first that come to mind:

1. Vertical-axis wind mills attached to every telephone pole in the country: This is a simple solution to easily renewable energy resources. Efficient vertical-axis wind mills already exist. (Vertical-axis as apposed to the traditional horizontal-axis that we see used today and that Don Quixote slew mercilessly.) All you need is a pole to put them on and we have millions (I can't seem to find the exact number) of utility poles throughout the United States. A windmill on each, along with the appropriate capacitor to store and transfer the energy to the grid, would provide a huge boost to our energy supply.
2. Sound resonance to detect pre-natal heart conditions: This seems like a no-brainer. An infant's heart pumps blood. If there is a heart condition, such as a small hole in the heart, it HAS to be making an abnormal sound. With the sound technology that we now have, it should be possible to detect these unusual sound signatures.
Take the idea and run with it, if you're so inclined...


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