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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Look

There’s not much better in poker than the look on an opponents face when he turns his cards up proudly showing what he thinks is a winning hand, only to be shown the REAL winner. There is a nice example of it when Tom “Drrrrrr” Dwan was beat by trip deuces during high stakes poker last season.

I had that happen twice at the Daytona Dog Track and Poker Room during spring break, and both times was being bet into with an obvious winner. It was a nice exercise in emotion control as a second five came on the turn to a board of J45 while I was holding pocket jacks. Mr. Two Pair turned fives over fours while I improved to jacks over fives. He bet big, I raised all-in for the last of my stack, he called and smiled as he TOSSED his hand toward me.

He was apoplectic when I turned over my two jacks. It was hysterical.

The other hand I was drawn into a winner when trip threes checked the flop and I caught a third five to turn fives over threes to his threes over fives. Boat over boat is a huge money maker, and those two wins put me ahead more than two and one half buy-ins for my three sessions playing last week.

Can't wait to see "The Look" again!


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