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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lightening in a bottle!

Okay.... I just had to post this.

Dealer: Hand #1732390616
Dealer: mrreed shows a Royal Flush, for high
Dealer: mrreed wins the pot ($24.50) with a Royal Flush

In addition to my straight flush, the second in my life if I recall correctly, I have had a great run lately playing Omaha 8/b single table tournaments. In my last four, I have won two, finished second once, and out of the money once.

In heads-up play, I've won three out of the last four.

My favorite heads-up game lately: I was dealt Ah2h3h5 on the first hand. The flop gives me the nut flush draw and the nut low draw. I bet and get called. The turn completes my nut low and I get bet into. I just call here because I am concerned I'm up against a set and might bet quartered if I miss. The river brings a lovely heart and guarentees me 3/4 of the pot. I get bet into. I raise the pot and get re-raised the pot!

I re-raise all in and sccop against an 8 high flush and the second nut low.

The game lasted exactly ONE HAND!!!

Who says Party Poker closing chased away all the fish??

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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12:46 PM  

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