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playing poker and teaching science: Big win
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Friday, January 13, 2006

Big win

A huge win for the wrestling Huskies last night as we knocked off the team ranked 15th in the state by a score of 43-34!

We take a strategy with our team that occasionally works well for poker players. We don't try to get the team or individual wrestlers ranked in the state. We know that that ranking and 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee and little else. Okay, $4 at Starbucks, but the thought is the same; you still have to walk out there and wrestle. If you're flying under the radar and a team (or individual) takes you for granted because you're not recognized by some anonymous ranking organization, you might sneak up and pull off a win.

It happens in poker all the time. An amateur player, unknown to the "name" players comes in a walks away with first place because he is taken for granted AND because he has done his homework on the "name" in the game.

It happens in poker. Last night it happened in high school wrestling. GO HUSKIES!


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